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Legacy Audio Cables

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Extend the distance of your existing 3.5mm audio cables. Velocity 3.5mm Stereo Audio Extension Cables from Impact Acoustics are specifically designed to...
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If you are planning to install audio throughout your house, this is the cable you'll need. Impact Acoustics in-wall speaker wire is made from 65 strands of...
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50' 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable with low profile connectors (M/M) - Plenum CMP-rated jacket; low profile audio connectors and small cable diameter enable easier...
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50ft CMG 3.5mm Stereo Male-Male Cable
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75ft CMG 3.5mm Stereo M/M Cable
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VELO 3.5 M Stereo to 3.5 F Stereo 100FT
$30.85 $39.06 You save: $8.21
VELO 3.5M Stereo to 3.5M Stereo 75FT
$19.01 $25.31 You save: $6.30
6ft braided USB 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable with reinforced stress points. Also comes with cable a cord manager. 50% stronger than most cables, 5 year warranty
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This USB Audio adapter converts a USB port to an audio port allowing you to add headsets and microphones to your computer without the need to unplug other...