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Parallel I/O Cards

Easily adds one parallel port to a desktop computer. Supports SPP, EPP and ECP ports; IEEE 1284 compliant. Fits PCI Express x1, x4, x8 and x16 lane buses....
The Manhattan Serial PCI Express Card quickly and easily adds two DB9 ports to PCI Express-enabled desktop systems to connect and communicate with serial...
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1-port Dual Profile ECP/EPP high-speed parallel PCIe adapter
$27.63 $33.85 You save: $6.22
Dual Profile PCI Express Adapter
$29.86 $36.56 You save: $6.70
This low profile EPPECP parallel card adds one IEEE 1284 port to your PC with data transfer speeds of up to 2.7 Mbps - up to 3 times faster than builtin...
$27.92 $34.20 You save: $6.28
This high performance PCIbased EPPECP parallel adapter card can be installed in a PCI slot to add an IEEE 1284 parallel port to your PC a costeffective way...
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1 Port PCIe LP Parallel Adapter Card The PEX1PLP PCIe Parallel card can be installed in a PCI Express x1 slot letting you connect EPPECP parallel...
$51.47 $62.92 You save: $11.45
This PCI Express based EPPECPSPP parallel card adds two IEEE 1284 parallel ports to your PC with support for parallel data communication at speeds of up to...
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This ExpressCard Parallel Adapter turns an ExpressCard slot into a Parallel port allowing you to connect SPPEPPECP parallel devices to a laptop computer.
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This Parallel Adapter can be installed in a PCI Express (PCIe) slot letting you connect EPPECP parallel peripherals to any computer. Features singlechip...
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This PCIPCI Express Expansion chassis expands available expansion slots by adding external PCI and PCIe slots that can be connected to a notebook or desktop...
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