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Metal Detectors

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BH Discovery 1100 Metal Detector with Professional metal detecting features for a junior size detectorist, Extends to 2-1/4 feet, Discrimination control will...
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Discovery 2200 Ultra Light-Weight Detector with Numerical ID and Depth Display detects coins up to 10" deep; 9-segment Target Display; Numerical Depth...
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Discovery 3300 Professional Digital Metal Detector with Pinpoint Mode detects coins up to 11" deep; Static Pinpoint Mode; Manual Ground Balance; 11-Segment...
The Fast Tracker is a user-friendly instrument, offering tremendous value for the money, while delivering effective performance over a wide range of...
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The stylish Gold Digger Metal detector will detect all kinds of metal from iron relics, coins and household items to precious metals like silver and gold....
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Bounty Hunter Lone Star with Bounty Hunter Carry Bag Bundle. Includes The Lone Star is an advanced technology metal detector, designed for a variety of...
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The Lone Star is an advanced technology metal detector, designed for a variety of applications including coin shooting, relic hunting, and general purpose...
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The Bounty Hunter Pinpointer-W pinpoints exact location of buried metal objects. The Pinpointer was designed to be used with any of our metal detectors to...
Rugged Bounty Hunter Carry Bag with double-stitched construction and an adjustable strap.
$30.77 $37.67 You save: $6.90
Bounty Hunter Stereo Headphones with robust construction, swivel earcups, padded earphones, 8 foot cord with 1/4" plug.
Bounty Hunter Junior has professional metal detecting features for a junior size detectorist; Extends to 2-1/4 feet; Discrimination control will eliminate...
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Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector with V-Break, Variable Tone Breakpoint, Pinpoint Mode with Depth Indicator, Discrimination, Motion, No Motion,...
$141.59 $183.24 You save: $41.65
Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Metal Detector with 9 Target-ID Category Icons, Graphic Target Depth Indicator, Sensitivity Bar Graph, Multiple Notching System.
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Bounty Hunter Pouch & Digger Combo includes a heavy-duty stainless steel digging trowel with a comfortable plastic handle. Your finds can be easily kept in...
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Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector. Pinpoint Mode, 0-99 Target-ID, Graphic Target Depth Indicator, Full Discrimination Capability, 3-Tone Audio ID.
$110.17 $134.50 You save: $24.33
Fully automatic ground balance with Squelch-Tech eliminates false signals Push-button discrimination and one-touch depth control makes it easier to use...
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Tracker IV Bundle includes Pin Pointer in box.
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GO-FIND 40, EarBuds, Digging Tool, Finds Pouch
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GO-FIND 60, Minelab GO-FIND 60 Metal Detector, with all Accessories + Carry Bag
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