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Core Fitness

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The PurAthletics Ab-Wheel Glider when used just minutes a day will target, Abs, Oblique's, Triceps, Lats, Back, Shoulders & Arms. Helps strengthen your...
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PurAthletics Air Balance Disc prevents back discomfort, relieves stress on the spine. Promotes "active sitting". Helps with spinal alignment, improving...
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Use the PurAthletics Chin-Up Bar to get a total body workout, beginner and advanced users, multiple workouts, Great for any level of fitness. Easily grips on...
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The Zenzation PurAthletics 3-piece Flex bands are widely used by Physiotherapists (rehabilitation), Fitness instructors & Pilates instructors. Used for...
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Zenzation Resistance Cord 6 Piece Kit with Studio-Grade resistance cords helps tone & strengthen your body through resistance training & movements. Use for...
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Zenzu Pro Ball Chair has adjustable height for users 5' to 6' 3". Adustable and removable padded lumbar support. Sturdy office grade steel design, featuring...
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