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Audio/Video Switches

$57.06 $77.58 You save: $20.52
2-Port VGA/Audio Switch w/RS232
$614.96 $750.10 You save: $135.14
ATEN's VM0404H, HDMI Video Matrix Switch, integrates a video switch and video splitter together. VM0404H is ideal for home theater applications where the...
$158.87 $204.84 You save: $45.97
The VC160A is a VGA-to-DVI Converter that lets you view VGA source data in DVI output display. It uses dual power sources from the VGA port and a power adapter.
$20.47 $25.11 You save: $4.64
Our 2-Port USB 2.0 Manual Switch lets you conveniently share USB devices between two PCs or Macs. Easily extend the number of USB devices shared by using a...
$72.94 $89.10 You save: $16.16
$72.94 $89.10 You save: $16.16
$20.67 $25.36 You save: $4.69
4x2 S-Video + Composite Video + Stereo Audio Selector Switch. Connect S-Video, RCA Composite Video, and stereo audio components to a TV or home theater system.
$209.99 $265.31 You save: $55.32
The C2G VGA + USB KVM over CAT5 Extender is perfect for situations where the user console must be placed at a distance from the KVM. This allows you to place...
$279.48 $340.99 You save: $61.51
1:4 Splitter for HDMI 1.3
$321.15 $407.69 You save: $86.54
1x input, 4x output DVI Distribution Amplifier.
$450.90 $550.02 You save: $99.12
2x1 DVIKVM DL Switcher. Now you can switch easily and reliably between any combination of two DVI and USB 2.0 equipped computers (PC or Mac) - using only...
Designing systems capable of distributing 4K Ultra High Definition media requires support for the content of today, and headroom for the content of tomorrow....
$2,610.62 $3,183.84 You save: $573.22
4K Ultra HD 8x8 Matrix for HDMI w/ HDCP 2.2. Route eight 4K sources to any combination of up to eight 4K displays. Resolutions up to 4K Cinema-DCI and 4K...
$140.66 $171.69 You save: $31.03
4x1 HDMI 1.3 Switcher.. New model includes RS232 input. Gefen's 4x1 HDMI Switcher routes high definition video in multiple resolutions up to 1080p plus...
$578.57 $729.46 You save: $150.89
Easily combine any four cross-platform Dual Link DVI video display outputs and four Dual Link DVI digital displays without networking. Our 4x4 DVI Dual Link...
$756.39 $922.58 You save: $166.19
Gefen's 8x1 DVI KVM DL Switcher provides you with greater flexibility in integrating cross-platform computer equipment easily and without networking. It...
$93.87 $114.63 You save: $20.76
Computers and HDTV video source devices can sometimes lose the EDID -- basically the electronic identification of a display which lists its possible...
$160.98 $207.47 You save: $46.49
DVI DL Booster PLUS Power unit that corrects dual link video and DDC signals over long runs of Dual Link DVI Cable. Like our DVI DL Booster, the new DVI DL...
$106.70 $139.63 You save: $32.93
HDMI Detective Plus. Use EDID to ensure that a connected Hi-Def source sends compatible audio and video signals
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